Why are you here in the first place?

June 2022

A 3-phase approach to psychologically prepare yourself to survive these difficult times that we are all facing and that you will have to face during the…

May 2022

In this piece, I want to discuss how you can modify your day-to-day online practices to increase opsec (Operational Security). Before diving in, take…

April 2022

Market research on the NFT lending space and its pricing infrastructure solutions.

March 2022

Developing sustainable investment strategies and overcoming CT.

February 2022

First of all, I highly encourage you to read the paper by yourself and think about all the different implications that it can have. I have personally…

January 2022

Before you start reading, take into account that I'm just a random anon who joined Olympus DAO in July. I have been working on this project alongside…
I’m not a good writer and English is not my first language either. Nevertheless, I’ve always liked people who post fancy articles and ramble on…